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Tips for choosing your spa

It’s decided, you’ll throw yourself in! Yes, but in the hot, bubbling water of your future spa! Which criteria to take into account in your choice? What questions do you have before taking the plunge and completing your purchase? Heating, filtration, insulation, ergonomics, and size of the spa, follow our tips to find the ideal product. A number of¬† hong kong spa

facial treatment

Know where to install your spa

To find the perfect location for your spa, you need to ask yourself several questions. Indoor or outdoor spa? Buried or above ground? Can your floor accommodate the weight of a spa, for example for a 3-seat spa, about 1,200 kg full?

One thing is certain; accommodating a spa requires a minimum of space and flat and stable space.

Define the use of your spa

  • Before choosing your spa, think about what you want to do with it. Indeed, there are different types:
  • The above-ground spa: rigid spa with an acrylic tank or inflatable PVC spa, the latter, more fragile, is also more economical.
  • The swim spa: larger in size than the spas for relaxation, their operation allows swimming against the current.
  • The built-in spa: It can be placed indoors or outdoors, buried or semi-buried.

What size for its spa

  • Do you want a spa to relax in two or a fun place to accommodate children?
  • The type and size of spa depend on how many people the spa can accommodate and its features.

Choose the spa massage system

A spa with good quality facial treatment hk  massages does not mean a spa with the greatest number of jets! The important thing is the implementation of the jets and their variety, that is to say of different shapes and sizes. Look at the diversity of the proposed actions: dynamic or relaxing massage for example and the massaged areas of the body: back massage, lumbar muscles, arches