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Find her vitamins at the pharmacy

Once at the pharmacy in search of vitamins, it is now necessary to unravel the pharmaceutical jargon and find yourself among the dozens of vials with attractive labels. Not to mention the prices that can easily go from single to double…

Well, already know that the cost of vitamins should in no way influence your choice since it is far from a guarantee of quality. Also, many health professionals advise diet protein shakes  against multivitamin supplements because they only contain minute quantities of the substances you need.

Once these two parameters are removed, you still have two variables to examine.

diet protein shakes

Vitamins in liquid or tablet form?

The first is to identify the form (liquid, capsule or tablet) under which you should swallow these vitamin supplements. Of course, it is better to look at what will make your life easier. If the mere idea of ​​swallowing a pill discourages you, you could, for example, opt for capsules that you can then open to retrieve the contents and integrate with a yogurt.

Also, vitamins presented in this form are a healthier choice, mainly for the substances used in the manufacture of the product.

Indeed, vitamin supplements may contain non-medicinal components often used to allow the solid appearance of the product. Liquid supplements, on the other hand, contain many additives such as preservatives, or sugar.

Your vitamin needs

The second variable is then to check if the vitamin supplements meet your needs and if its contribution will fill your deficiencies. Know that from one manufacturer and one type of supplement to another, the doses of vitamins announced and the actual doses may be different. vitamin supplements Hong Kong  has put in place regulations to promote compliance with manufacturing standards.