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Determine which dishes you want to include in your menu

Having too many choices on your menu is not ideal. Why? When clients have too many options, they have more difficulty alfresco dining restaurant deciding what they want and are more likely to be dissatisfied with the choice they make.

How many items should there be on your menu?

For fast-food restaurants and quick-service restaurants, the sweet spot is six courses per category (starters, fish, meat, pasta, vegetarian dishes, and desserts). For full-service restaurants, the ideal is seven appetizers and desserts, and then main courses. Use the dates of your sales analysis and menu matrix and choose the most profitable and popular items for your menu.

Be strategic in designing your menu

A well-designed menu will influence the choices of your guests. Is there a specific high-margin dish that you want to market to your customers? The design of your menu directs them in the right direction. Here are the most important things to consider when designing your menu:

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Make a good first impression

Your menu, for  best steak restaurants in hong kong  as well as the interior of your restaurant, are the first elements that reflect your brand. You must, therefore, ensure that the visual aesthetic of your menu matches the image of your restaurant and the dining experience you want to offer your guests.

According to research, the average customer consults a menu for about 109 seconds. This means that your menu should leave a good first impression in just over a minute. Make your menu as easy as possible to “scan” by dividing the menu into different sections.