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Car manufacturers in China and the United States; Economic discussion and case study

Many complain about the number of Chinese products entering the United States and the growing trade deficit, and they should be worried, but is it China or our own inept leadership and regulatory bureaucracy? Who said the United States cannot compete in the world market with China on equal terms? Anyone who says this completely ignores the incredible level of intelligence, spirit and risk reward scenarios that made this country so great.


Food chain

Is there a clear and definite reason why the United States at south china sea news is at the top of the food chain and has nothing to do with lawyers, a podium that pushes lobbyists politicians or fragments of bureaucrats that cause all this ongoing regulation? It is as if we had our own dirt under the carpet, the spiders in the closet and the masked jihadists of Al-Qeda, who attack all of us and everything we build here, big houses. What a mess really.

As for China in china us trade news, everything was written on the wall, since global financiers have invested in this country and want to get a return on investment. And with 1.3 billion people, there really is room to grow and recover the investment. If GM and Ford do not want to invest in China, they will lose future sales of Audi / Volkswagen and others, and the potential to sell cars there 1.3 billion people far exceeds everything we do here; IE 17.1 million, 16.8 million and 16.9 million vehicles sold here. So far, American car manufacturers are settling in China, but it takes time.