Think Local!


We hear the words shop local, buy local or support small businesses very often. These taglines are more than just words; three out of four businesses are classified as ‘self-employed’. Considerable amount, right? However, these businesses rarely survive past 5 years, in fact, half of them do, making it important for locals, tourists and whomever to show support and “shop local” as more than a recent trend.

When thinking about small businesses, Door County comes to mind, a little biased, but honestly, it’s true! Sturgeon Bay has the last chain store being McDonalds, and Walmart  leading out of town traveling north, the following towns are Carlsville, Egg Harbor, Baileys Harbor, Fish Creek, Ephraim, Sister Bay, Ellison Bay, and Washington Island.  The beautiful drive is flourished with hundreds of hard-working small, family owned business! These businesses are supported by millions of tourists during the seasonal time frame.

Sheboygan has a mix of small and large businesses, for example, us, Engaged Social Networking! We are a part of that three out of four “self-employed” businesses and on our way (past) that 5-year mark. From one small business owner to another we support many community functions and work with many local businesses, big and small, it’s a way of keeping it local, establishing relationships and giving back.

As a result, small business owners thrive in Sheboygan and Door Counties, two very different markets, but support from locals and tourist, businesses grow! In reality, there are numerous ways to support local, but here are the top 6  benefits for you and your community from supporting local businesses:

  1. Improve your family’s health
  2. Improve local economy
  3. Know the people behind the product
  4. Keep your community unique
  5. Better customer service
  6. More personalized service

Next time you are out and about in your town, take a look around to view or check out small businesses around you; we guarantee you will not be disappointed!