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Our Soci@l Media Trends for 2017

Every ‘New Year’ is full of surprises… this year we may not be surprised, but more informed on social media trends for 2017. We have compiled our top 5 social media trends expected this year! Enjoy!

  1. Video: Live, Recorded and 360

The year of video will transpire even more in 2017! Today, people want bigger, more interesting and in the moment content… showing what it’s like to be there. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are moving toward videos making a connection with their followers!

Maintaining creativity when making videos is major key! For example, it could be revealing a new product, new employee, event… the sky is really the limit. Paying attention to your followers is also a good idea, give them what they want, but still maintain brand image.

  1. Instagram is Evolving!

Instagram had a big year in 2016 and will only continue to trend in 2017! Facebook now owns Instagram and has improved the Instagram app with key product launches! A few of those product launches include Instagram stories, which in a way mimics Snapchat Stories, enabling users to share photos and videos; after 24 hours it’s gone. Great way to go into detail following Instagram posts!

Business Instagram profiles (our favorite) give analytics and can easily create ads that go out directly from the Instagram app! Industries benefiting from Instagram business profiles are: retail, hospitality, recruiting and small businesses. Having an e-commerce website is even better when driving users towards products or services to find more information or ‘Shop Now’!

Why are brands so successful using Instagram? Engagement is 10 times higher than on Facebook and 54 times higher than on Twitter. Instagram has 500 million active monthly users! WOW!

  1. What’s a ChatBot?

In simple terms, a ChatBot is an intelligent bot that will artificially have a conversation with someone. Chatbots are helping businesses customer service by quickly responding to comments and questions. Facebook has incorporated ChatBots in Facebook Messenger to communicate with customers. In 2017, it is predicted that they will become more popular within businesses.

Why are businesses using them? Today more than a third of people prefer social media over a phone call for customer support, especially millennials, wanting self-service solutions to resolve customer service issues. It’s fast, efficient and brief. Next time you have a customer service question it could be a bot you’re talking to!

  1. Social Media Refinement

Jumping on every social media platform is not possible nor is recommended. In 2017, we will see a trend towards refinement; rather than spending equal effort on five different platforms, more businesses will find one or two platforms that work well and narrow their focus, according to Forbes. We completely agree and have preached this since ESN has started!

  1.  Bye Felicia: Twitter

Twitter isn’t doing so hot. It’s not going to disappear right now but has been declining at a rapid rate known as “Twitter Fatigue”. Twitter is known for news updates, live TV (new), used by celebrities and has built itself on quick, short to the point bite-sized updates.

Twitter has experienced nine percent layoffs of its workforce in 2016. They also shut down its short-form video app, Vine. We don’t have a direct answer on what will happen to Twitter right now, but currently with information provided, it’s not looking very bright.

Well, there you have our 2017 trends! For more information, or to reach ESN directly e-mail or reach out to us on social media.