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Social Media Management

Social Media Management Services

Business owners wear many hats. Often, attending to existing business and customers makes it impossible to focus on the marketing that will bring in new revenue and clients. Social media? A great idea... if you had the time to get involved, learn it, and keep up with it.

Does that sound like you? You’re not alone. Engaged Social Networking (ESN) can solve that problem for you, with its Social Media Management (SMM) services.

We develop a strategy that fits your specific business needs, your target customers, and your goals. We assume the day-to-day responsibilities of social network posting and interactive communications. With SMM, you will maintain an active, goal-drive, consistent social media presence. We help you increase brand awareness, build your online audience, and direct traffic to your website.

And while this is all happening? You are running your business.

Our Social Media Management package includes:

  • A strategy customized for your specific, individual needs.
  • The development of content: Composing, arranging it logically, editing, and posting.
  • A means of engaging with your clients.
  • Building an online community and audience.
  • A set of analytic tools that monitors your social media system, summarizes results, and formats them into report form.

ESN’s knowledge and expertise covers all of the widely-used social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, and WordPress. We can help you develop a strategy for managing these and any other specialized platforms to fit your needs.

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