How Social Media Can Make Or Break Your Brand

Social Media is a very powerful tool and when done right, it can ‘make’ a brand. When done wrong, or not managed properly, it could be a  potential catastrophe. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms enable brands to interact with their customers, attract new customers and increase exposure. 

Follow our ten reasons how social media can make or break your brand.


Ensure Conservation Management on the Social Media Account:

Social media can be utilized as a customer service tool on, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram or with Facebook Messenger updates. Social media users are being prompt to message business pages with questions and concerns. If the company page does not respond in a timely manner it can reflect negatively on the company and could lose indefinite trust from that client.

Monitor The Conversation About Your Brand:

Tracking conversations that involve your brand is very important. Not only will you be in the know on what others are saying but you can see what keywords are associated with your brand name. By keeping on top of conversations that involve your company can create some serious (organic) PR!

Know Your Audience:

When you know your audience and can specifically target them only good things are bound to happen! Images or short videos are perfect for social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. When you know what your audience and customers like, you can create content that can stand out from competition.

Show Some Personality:

Back to basics…brands use social media to tell their company story, show and promote products, services and interact with customers. Looking for results? Be a brand that has personality.  Whether it’s going  Facebook Live or portraying a social media trend currently happening; #TBT, #socialmediamarketing, #itsfriday

Showcase Company Life:

For some reason, people love behind-the-scenes of a company! Whether it’s sharing a spotlight of an employee (did someone brings donuts?), team building activity or a shop pet; people grasp on relatable topics (and gives a sneak peek from within!).


Hashtag Hijacking:

Many brands may create a hashtag for their company or a specific social media campaign. It’s important to monitor those hashtags to ensure that people are not sharing negative stories about the brand. If not careful or caught it time…it can go viral even when taken down.

Oblivious Facebook Shares, Retweets or Reposts:

This one’s a gimme… don’t reshare, retweet or repost controversial or X-rated content that is not intended for your audience…this can significantly damage and brand reputation.

Politics or Religion…no, no and no again:

Unless it’s part of your brand identity, please avoid discussing politics and religion. Reminder, the social media post could go viral but for all the wrong reasons and can create backlash or boycotts toward your brand.

Professionalism is Respected:

If some reason your brand is drawn into arguments, it’s important to remain professional when interacting with users. Yes, responding is something we preach in conversation management, but sometimes staying quiet and letting the dust settle can be best. Emotional reacting before responding professionally could create an uproar.

PR Nightmare & Reputations Ruined

Remember this past Spring when United Airlines passengers were forced off of its flights…talk about PR and social media nightmare! Other passengers caught the whole situation of security dragging the passenger off the plane on video; which quickly went viral.


The tweets, hashtags and comments to the video were, as you can imagine, bashing the United Brand. For example, #NewUnitedAirlinesMottos with verbiage saying “If we cannot beat our competitors, we beat our customers”.

Social media platforms are full of people that may want to bash your brand…and there’s no cure for that. We stress managing those conversations with poise!

There you have it, ten reasons to keep in the back of your mind the next time a social media post or comment could make or break your brand!

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