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12 Days Of Holiday Marketing Tips

Whew! We can’t believe it’s November already! So, what does that mean for small businesses around the world? Holiday shopping season! Whether it’s e-commerce or bricks-and-mortar shop front, it’s one of the busiest times for retail stores!

Do you have a holiday marketing plan in place? If not, that’s okay! We’ve compiled twelve of our most effective and fun social media and traditional marketing ideas to set you apart this holiday season!

  1. Themed (Holiday) Social Media Content

Create holiday themed content that is branded in a way to complement your holiday collections and sales. Use the images, videos and content for your social media platforms!

  1. Celebrate Small Business Saturday!

This one’s a gimme if you’re a small business! It’s a great way to connect with shoppers that want to support local and small businesses! Promote on social media by using the #SmallBizSat and #ShopSmall hashtag that is trending. Also customize your own Small Business Saturday marketing materials, social media image, badges, videos…you name it, you can do it (and it’s all FREE)! Customize here:

  1. Holiday Creativity

Give your customers a behind-the-scenes look at your brand or showcase holiday gifts that you have available! Create and share a video or images on your social media platforms…the creativity component? Dress up as Santa or do whatever that fits with your brand!

  1. Host An (exclusive) Holiday Open House

Hosting a holiday open house is a great way to get customers through your doors! Typically cities, towns or villages may have a holiday event. For easy marketing purposes try to coordinate dates; extend your store hours, turn up the holiday music, offer refreshments and in-store incentive specials! Create a Facebook event, email marketing or personal snail mail invites are a few ways to get your message out!   

  1. Create A Holiday Snapchat Filter!

Snapchat: fun, engaging and also demographic specific. Encourage shoppers to take a Snapchat with their gift hauls! Do you remember hearing ”There’s an App for that?” still true today, but also “There’s a Snapchat filter for that!”

  1. Social Media Contest (not another giveaway)

We see these quite often on Facebook as giveaways. Giveaways are fun and engaging. If giving away a product or service is not your cup of tea, try this: let your audience pick your next Facebook cover photo, vote on a holiday restaurant special. It’s a fun way to engage and get your audience excited about your brand!

  1. Send Cards to Loyal Customers

‘Tis the season to be thankful and grateful, why not share that and ‘thank’ your loyal customers. Instead of sending them something promotional in the mail or email, a simple thank you can go a long way!  

  1. Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday sales topped $3.45 Billion in 2016 and will only increase for 2017! Take advantage that people are looking and shopping online. Start promoting prior and offer an exclusive special offer for your online audience!

  1. Gift…Guide

Help your indecisive customers by creating a gift guide…back to tip #1, create a 5×7 themed flyer with product images or the best gift for her or him! Make shopping simple and enjoyable for your audience! Leading to our next tip…

  1.  Be There For Your Last Minute Shoppers

Simple…extend your store hours and talk in a tone to those that still have holiday shopping to do like…”We’re here for the last minute shopper…extending our store hours all week!”

  1. Instagram Holiday Specific

Instagram Carousel Ads! Yes, Instagram carousel ads are a  great place to showcase three to five product photos on scrolling/swiping ad. Eye-catching imagery is extremely important since the Instagram platform is visual!  Don’t forget about Instagram stories!

  1. Start Now…

Start now and stay consistent throughout the next few holiday months!

There you have it! Twelve-holiday marketing ideas for your small business!

This may or may not be overwhelming. If you have questions on best social media practices for your brand or need graphic design for that “Gift Guide”  please let us know. We’re here to help!

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