Has Your Business Dabbled in Email M@rketing?

Mayblogimage1E-blast, newsletter, email campaign, update, and promotion are all terms associated with email marketing. Email marketing is a tool that is inexpensive and really a great way to get your marketing message to customers.

Why use email marketing?

There are multiple reasons why,  but many businesses use it to inform, build relationships, generate leads and attract new clients. (You know, all that ‘little’ stuff you do to eng@ge with your (potential) customers.)

There are three areas we want to focus on and if you keep reading we’ll give you some of our secrets! 🙂

  • Customize and integrate with other marketing tactics
  • Effective way to keep customers informed
  • Email marketing is inexpensive

Customize and integrate with other marketing tactics

When starting an email campaign, it’s important to know that you can integrate it with any marketing you’re currently offering. For example, social media, internal or traditional marketing… playing off one another…It relates back to the “Rule of 7” meaning it takes a prospect to hear your marketing message seven times before taking action. Overall, it keeps your integrated marketing campaign intact.

Keeping the campaign customizable and tailored to the receiving consumer can help promote them to take action or make a purchase decision.  Let’s look at the successful company StitchFix. They take your personal taste, needs and lifestyle into consideration. From a marketing standpoint, their email campaigns are very customizable; sending personalized outfit ideas, style ideas and calls to action to “schedule a fix” (Gets us every time… ;)). They use email marketing to primarily generate leads!

Effective way to keep customers informed

One of the top reasons companies use email marketing is to keep customers informed. It’s an effective tool, helping business owners stay connected with consumers. According to Nielsen, they reported that 28 percent of US online shoppers subscribe to store or product emails in order to stay informed.

A local business that we support is the Sheboygan County Chamber of Commerce. Every Monday we can expect the Monday Monitor to give updates on events, nonprofit news and other community happenings. Consistency is vital as it took a few weeks to realize and can expect an email every Monday morning from them.

Email marketing is inexpensive

Email marketing is completely inexpensive…especially when just starting.  MailChimp, for example, offers 12,000 emails and 2,000 contacts before they start charging a monthly fee. A small business can reach a large number of consumers at one time!

Let us know how we can help and assist in your email marketing strategy! We design layouts and create content for email marketing campaigns!

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