Setting Soci@l Media Goals For Your Business

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How does one have time for effective social media marketing? Have no fear we’re here to help! We are going to share five social media goals that every business should have…These goals are completely MEASURABLE and can tell how well your social media strategy is really performing: At Eng@ged we go through our “Branding Guide” … Read more

Do what you love. Love what you do.


  A question to ask among yourselves, do you love what you do? You may be able to answer right away or it may take a minute to answer…after you have thought about it; why do you love what you do? When you love what you do the odds of you being more successful, happier … Read more

Identifying a Target Audience and Social Network Platform


Social media marketing can be difficult; finding messages that engage a larger audience and are specific enough to get your message across. It really comes down to two marketing aspects: identifying a target audience and choosing the right platform for success. Creating eye-catching content, communicate valuable and industry specific information is really important, but what … Read more

Think Local!


We hear the words shop local, buy local or support small businesses very often. These taglines are more than just words; three out of four businesses are classified as ‘self-employed’. Considerable amount, right? However, these businesses rarely survive past 5 years, in fact, half of them do, making it important for locals, tourists and whomever … Read more

We’ve Grown to Door County!


Engaged Social Networking is a Social Media Marketing business that is expanding along the Lake Michigan coastline. ESN specializes on platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn; offering services that will allow to post, respond and create advertising messages on behalf of a represented company. Gaby Cappaert, full-time Social Media Specialist of Egg Harbor, … Read more

What We Can Learn From Wine And World Travels

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It’s an interesting perspective; traveling and marketing. For me, it’s fun and exciting to see how different brands communicate in different ways; how personal touches are important while others appeal to the masses. My recent adventure to Napa Valley left a great impression on my thoughts about personal touches and how crucial they are to … Read more

Meme’s – You Cant Be Serious


The world of social media is ever evolving. Let’s be honest, even US within the industry have a hard time keeping up with the terminology, constant design changes and evolving platforms. For as much reading I do about industry trends and updates, I consider myself ahead of the curve. My business relies on me having … Read more