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Awareness August: Brand Awareness

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room” – Jeff Bezos

While with a customer you are trying to…keep the customer’s interest, build a relationship, make a connection, identify a problem, come up with a solution… the list goes on and on… But what happens when you step out of the room? What is talked about? Likes, dislikes, what the customer wants, needs, how you can benefit them? Maybe a repeat customer gives an insight on what they liked or want to buy?


The article “Brand Awareness – Definition, Its Importance, How To Measure and Increase It” is quite lengthy; giving a great perspective on brand awareness along with ten other points of view from established experts in the industry of marketing.

To make it easy, we are not going to make you read or review the whole article (unless you really want… might as well brew a pot of coffee), but we can help summarize a few important points on how to creatively increase brand awareness. Here are a few benefits:

    • Storytelling: think of what kind of story you could relate to your brand – something genuine, heart-felt and transparent
    • Be personable not a robot: send handwritten thank you cards, show others how your product has helped someone
    • More than money:  figure out how to help others, help them solve their pain points, give them solutions, they will reward you
    • Internet marketing: promote your physical location, get location reviews, use social media to create buzz
    • Get involved:  participate in community and volunteer work to get involved
    • Be good:  simply be good at what you do and over time people will get to know your company
    • Facebook advertising: create content for your ideal audience or customer would want to see and get it in their news feed
    • Target audience: have a laser focus and get on their radar!
    • Build relationships: get to know who you will be working with – they are more likely to give you their attention
    • Blog:  figure out what people want to know and start there – relevant, interesting content makes people engage with your brand

Every industry expert will highlight the importance of building relationships and staying engaged.  We completely agree! …And to take it one step further…the conversations that take place when not in the room are the ones that define a brand; having trust.

For the avid blog reader, learn and drink more coffee here:

“Business today, and brand awareness, thrive because of relationships” Something Engaged Social Networking flourishes on!