Do what you love. Love what you do.


  A question to ask among yourselves, do you love what you do? You may be able to answer right away or it may take a minute to answer…after you have thought about it; why do you love what you do? When you love what you do the odds of you being more successful, happier … Read more

Identifying a Target Audience and Social Network Platform


Social media marketing can be difficult; finding messages that engage a larger audience and are specific enough to get your message across. It really comes down to two marketing aspects: identifying a target audience and choosing the right platform for success. Creating eye-catching content, communicate valuable and industry specific information is really important, but what … Read more

Think Local!


We hear the words shop local, buy local or support small businesses very often. These taglines are more than just words; three out of four businesses are classified as ‘self-employed’. Considerable amount, right? However, these businesses rarely survive past 5 years, in fact, half of them do, making it important for locals, tourists and whomever … Read more

We’ve Grown to Door County!


Engaged Social Networking is a Social Media Marketing business that is expanding along the Lake Michigan coastline. ESN specializes on platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn; offering services that will allow to post, respond and create advertising messages on behalf of a represented company. Gaby Cappaert, full-time Social Media Specialist of Egg Harbor, … Read more

What We Can Learn From Wine And World Travels

Napa Valley Travel

It’s an interesting perspective; traveling and marketing. For me, it’s fun and exciting to see how different brands communicate in different ways; how personal touches are important while others appeal to the masses. My recent adventure to Napa Valley left a great impression on my thoughts about personal touches and how crucial they are to … Read more

Meme’s – You Cant Be Serious


The world of social media is ever evolving. Let’s be honest, even US within the industry have a hard time keeping up with the terminology, constant design changes and evolving platforms. For as much reading I do about industry trends and updates, I consider myself ahead of the curve. My business relies on me having … Read more

Follower February


Follower February: Finding The Perfect CombinationI am excited to announce that every month our social media channels with be hosting a theme. This month’s theme is: Follower February. Obtaining followers can be TOUGH, especially if you don’t utilize push-pull advertising (push advertising; attention grabbing claims to put products in the mind of customers while pull … Read more