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Social Media Marketing & Brand Identity

Our company name, “Engaged Social Networking,” says it all. We use all varieties and aspects of social networking to engage your target market. Using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more, we’ll work with you to create a unique brand that carries your social media message to your customers. Let’s discuss how we can breathe new, fresh life into your marketing campaign!

How Can Social Media Impact Your Brand?

Including your brand in social networking sites uses real-time marketing. This reaches a vastly greater audience than through other media, like radio, print, and TV, and at a fraction of the cost. The traditional methods are fine, if you’re satisfied with a horse-and-buggy pace. Using social media is like stepping into a formula one race car. Strap in!

What is Content Creation?

Flashy, animated graphics can get your customers’ attention. However, it’s the content—the substance—that keeps their attention. Engaged Social Networking helps you condense and distill your company’s content. Enough information, without the blather, for your customers to know who you are, what you offer them, and why they should click to Find Out More!

What is Conversation Management?

As new and innovative as social media is, we still rely on principles of business that are as old as trade itself. One such principle is: Satisfied customers are loyal customers; they will promote your brand to others. One way social media can easily enhance that loyalty is through conversion management. This is a way to establish two-way communication between you and your customers. When they realize that you are really listening to them, acting on their suggestions or concerns, their appreciation grows. So does your business.

Social Media Tips

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Why Your Business Should Consider Blogging

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Do what you love. Love what you do.

Do what you love. Love what you do.

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People Are Talking About Engaged Social Networking…

  • Jason Penney

    It is really rare to see a person that has a vision, that's a leader, a manager, a creative individual and all around great person -- Lindsay is all of this and more. I have had the privilege to work with Lindsay and would highly recommend her to my closest family and friends.

  • Theresa Zimmermann

    Lindsay continues to impress me with how she keeps on giving. Most recently I asked Lindsay to speak at the first educational event for the Kiel Association of Commerce regarding social media. Without a moment of hesitation she agreed to the event. Her presentation was lively, educational and best of all understandable. There is no doubt in my mind that when Lindsay is called to action the recipient receives nothing less than 100%. Her knowledge is superior, presentation outstanding, community involvement exceptional and work ethic remarkable. Lindsay is the whole package!

  • Megan Mayhew

    Bemis Logo PMS 293#

    We have been nothing but impressed with Lindsay and her knowledge of Social Networking. She is always coming up with unique ideas and is very quick to respond to requests. Because of Lindsay, we have been able to grow our online e-commerce presence and look forward to many more social engagements in the future.

  • Susan Fenrich

    I met Lindsay when she joined the Optimal Networkers Chapter of BNI. After listening to her speak of her knowledge of Social Media I decided to have her come to Welsch Hearing Aid Company to teach us. Lindsay reviewed what we were already doing and advised us what would be best for the demographics that we serve. She strongly suggested that our main focus be on Facebook. She taught us how to schedule posts and when they would be most effective and the importance of being consistent. Lindsay was friendly, very knowledgeable and an excellent teacher. She will work will come in and teach you what to do or if needed do everything for you. I recommend Lindsay as your "go to" person for any or all questions you might have about social media. She will help you use social media to bring your business to the next level.

  • Jim Gallimore

    A social media strategy is critically important to businesses of all sizes. Lindsay's strong understanding of key social media and emerging trends -- as both a professional and a millenial user of social media -- can be a strong partner to your business and marketing team.

  • Mark Hunt

    Lindsay has been a great help in strategizing and posting for both Wind Mill Slatwall Products and the GarageEscape Consumer Products Division. She has a great understanding of the value of the social media networks, and how to creatively implement the plans. Her company, Engaged Social Networking, is well named.

  • Steve Steinpreis

    Lindsay has been providing us with wonderful articles due to her ability to study the subject, find supporting information and present it in a fashion that is easily understood by a diverse audience. She understands social media and the benefits it provides to organizations, its a pleasure to work with Lindsay.

  • Lynn Buehler

    With Social Media growing in popularity for marketing your business, I needed some direction on how to get the best exposure for my company. Lindsay was not only knowledgeable but made sure I understood the information she was giving me. I would definitely recommend Engaged Social Networking to move your marketing tactics to the next level.